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6 Reasons Why People Still Play Video Poker



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Video Poker does not rank as the first choice among many online players. Instead, most gamblers give preference to slot machines. This is because they have greatly improved in terms of additional features and advanced graphics quality.

On the contrary, video poker has stagnated in these aspects. The majority of video poker machines are still the ones that were used way back in the 70s & 80s. Therefore, it is easy to see the logic behind the higher popularity of the slot machines.

However, some amazing video poker features are not comparable to the slots. Continue reading below to discover six reasons why people still enjoy video poker despite its antiquity.

Higher Chances of Winning

Even though you can never compare video poker with slots, especially when it comes to graphics quality, multimillion-dollar cumulative jackpots, and bonus rounds, there is a higher return to player possibility. Most slot machines payout a minimum of 99% of every $100 staked.

Instead of settling for a 99% payback, you can gamble through video poker machines that allow almost 100% RTP. With the knowledge that some games offer more rewards than others, you are a step ahead in discovering video poker variants that offer high RTP. Once you are familiar with the game variants, you ought to discover “full-pay” versions i.e., the topmost paytable for the given variation.

The Possibility of Winning Huge Payouts

Huge jackpots usually attract players en masse. In case you are a part of this group, then you will acknowledge the potential for a massive win through video poker machines. Your payout value is based upon the amount you wager on each hand.

The royal flush is the biggest prize in video poker followed by the straight flush prize. However, you can still find progressive jackpots in some variants of this game. The odds of landing a royal flush are about 1/40,000 depending on the particular game.

Nevertheless, these odds are much better compared to winning the progressive jackpot on your regular slot machine.

A Stimulating Strategy

One of the biggest determining factor that influences a person’s choice of poker game is whether the skill is required or not. The highest skilled gamers have a higher probability of victory. The reason is that they should put in efforts to enhance the odds.

Some gamblers enjoy this aspect because the application of strategy feels more engaging. Your decision on each hand has an impact on your eventual winning odds. Particularly, you have to make the right discards & holds in the draw rounds.

The idea is to maintain the hands that over the best long-term winning chance together. Of course, this could be a laborious task considering that the ideal strategy will always change depending on the paytable and game being played.

Michael Tan of OnlineCasinoGems claims that «To sharpen your gambling strategy, you can use a strategy chart to assist you in learning JoB. This chart displays the hands to keep starting from the highest expected value (EV) to the lowest. A video poker training program also helps to easily learn various strategies since they guide you through pointing out your mistakes.»

The typical video poker slots usually don’t point out mistakes. This is why a training program is highly valuable for a beginner. Such programs start when you select your desired game & paytable. At gamblersdailydigest, you will find more tips and advice on how to enhance your strategy.

Enjoy a Wide Array of Poker Games

There exist a plethora of games within video poker. Each one of them offers a unique paytable with the possibility of larger payouts, bonus prizes, or even frequent minor winnings in between. You will also find some video poker games such as Hot Roller and Peek & Play Poker with some special features.

For example, Hot Roller Poker Multiplier makes the dice randomly roll after every win. Your dice combination will determine the multiplier you get.

Peek & Play enables you to view the initial-available draw card prior to making any discards. The feature is helpful since you are allowed to choose a better option in the draw.

A major disadvantage of such games is that you will have to spend more money on the activation of special features. Nevertheless, they still offer much fun in case you are seeking a different thrill.

Play Tournaments to Test Your Skills Against Other Pros

According to Bloomberg, through video poker tournaments, you test your skills by playing against other gamblers. Better still, if you possess the right aptitudes, you can even attain long-term winnings due to the lack of a house edge.

The initial step to winning a tournament is making the right decisions as you play. The higher the number of hands you can play within the stipulated timeframe, the higher your chances of winning money are.

Moreover, according to the Gambling News Magazine, the ideal strategy for regular play is not always the optimal one during tournaments. The first to finish in a big tournament usually gets a royal flush, which is very rare. Gambling News Magazine also offers quality advice on formulating a working strategy.

Long-Term Profits

Among the most amazing things about video poker is that you get an opportunity to beat the house. Very few games provide this opportunity. However, it is important to choose games that reward a positive Expected Value (EV). Some positive EV machines are as follows:

  •     Full-pay Deuces Wild which offers a payback of 100.76 percent
  •     Full-pay Joker poker that offers an equivalent of 100.64 percent payback
  •     The 10/7 Double Bonus which equals 100.17 percent payback
  •     10/6 Double Double Bonus that equals 100.07 percent payback

Closing Remarks

Lastly, according to Independent, video poker provides various amazing rewards such as high RTPs, tournaments, and stimulating strategies including huge payouts. The wide variety of games also keeps the game highly interesting.

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