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6 Budgeting Tools for Managing Your Money in the Ideal Way



6 Budgeting Tools for Managing Your Money in the Ideal Way

6 Budgeting Tools for Managing Your Money in the Ideal Way

Discovering the right tool is responsible for making any and every job easy. Whether you are thinking of using tools in the field of carpentry or you are interested in managing your finances, you can be assured that using tools can help you to a great extent. A number of people make use of budgeting tools when they are thinking of taking care of their personal finance. If you have knowledge about the ideal tools of budgeting, money management can become even more easy and exciting for you. It is understandable that not everyone is capable of handling money in the best manner and that is why it is definitely a good option to make use of the budgeting tools. A budgeting tool is going to help you when you are planning your monthly budget or your budget for something else. According to, 80% of Americans have debt.

With a huge number of budgeting tools available in the market, it is true that you cannot really understand which tools are going to be perfect for the situation that you are in. Given below is a list of the best budgeting tools that are currently being used by a number of people from different parts of the world.

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

When you are thinking about a perfect budgeting tool, YNAB should definitely be your top pick. It is currently one of the best budgeting tools that are being used by millions of people from different parts of this huge world. If you are asking why is this particular budgeting tool so special, you need to know that there are a number of things that sets this particular tool apart from the other budgeting tools.

Firstly, it is responsible for making use of the spreadsheet layout, which is extremely familiar, and most importantly, it can be used easily and even people who do not really know much about budgeting tools can also use it conveniently. Creating your budget is only going to take minutes.

Secondly, this tool has been designed in such a manner that you will be able to live on the income of your last month as well. As opposed to creating a budget that is based on your future income, with the help of this tool, you have the option of budgeting on the basis of the income that you have earned already.

Lastly, the tool is also responsible for offering reports and graphs, which make this tool convenient and you can also understand where all your money is being spent so that the adjustments can be made as necessary.

Personal Capital

This tool offers a financial dashboard, which is perfect for people who are interested in tracking not only their budget but also the investment that they have made. You have the option of linking both their banking as well as investment accounts. In fact, you can also link your retirement accounts if you wish to. All the accounts can be easily linked manually or you can download the transactions automatically.

This tool is responsible for tracking each and every spending by the category. This means that you will not have to enter any category when you are planning your budget, manually. Apart from this, the financial dashboard can track investments. Your returns, dividends, allocation of assets as well as investment costs can be tracked easily.


Quicken is considered to be the grandfather of all the budgeting tools. It has been designed for handling each and every activity that is related to your finances, including investments, reporting, bill pay, and also, budgeting. You will have the option of connecting to the financial institutions as well as downloading transactions as and when necessary. You can also synchronize data between different devices and hence, you are going to have access to all your accounts. This is definitely one of the solid tools for managing money as customer testimonials state that the app does exactly what it has promised to do.


Mint is owned by Quicken and Intuit, and this is definitely one of the most effective versions of Quicken. As soon as your bank account, statements of credit card and all your investment accounts have been linked, Mint is going to provide you with detailed information regarding your spending, budgets, and surprisingly, trends. Mint is also responsible for tracking the income, liabilities, net worth, and assets. There is no cost associated with using this tool. Since most people cannot manage their money, they land up in debt. In order to seek debt relief options, you can visit


There is no denying the fact that an ideal spreadsheet can never be ignored or underestimated. Tracking each and every monthly spending with the help of a spreadsheet is not going to come with any kind of bells or whistles, which the other budgeting tools are known to carry along with them. However, you can definitely be assured that your job of budgeting will be done easily with the help of a spreadsheet. One of the biggest benefits of using a spreadsheet is that you will be able to control your data completely and keep track of it. Also, you do not have to give access to the financial data to any account aggregators.

Credit and prepaid card

Some of the credit, as well as prepaid cards, have already started developing numerous online features of budgeting, especially for those people who constantly carry the cards along with them. For instance, one such tool is the Spend Analyzer. This is one of the robust tools for budgeting, which can categorize the purchase and also track the spending history.

Prepaid cards also started adding different kinds of money management features for tracking and categorizing all spending. Therefore, you do not have to think of any other budgeting tool anymore if you already have prepaid or credit cards with you.


You need to know that money management is not easy and most people tend to exceed their budget every month. However, with the introduction of the budgeting tools, this scenario has changed to a certain extent. You can also make use of the budgeting tools in order to ensure that your financial life becomes smooth and happy.


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