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5 Ways Quiet Spaces at Work Counter the Open Office Madness



5 Ways Quiet Spaces at Work Counter the Open Office Madness

5 Ways Quiet Spaces at Work Counter the Open Office Madness

5 Ways Quiet Spaces at Work Counter the Open Office Madness

5 Ways Quiet Spaces at Work Counter the Open Office Madness

There are plenty of benefits to having an open office. For starters, they foster creativity and improve communication between employees. Open offices can also be cheaper to rent and maintain. The advantages are nice, but there is a reason why more and more businesses are installing office phone booths or creating designated quiet spaces.

If we’re being honest, open offices are chaotic. With all of the noise, activities and distractions going on at any given moment, it feels like being in a pizza parlor minus the arcade games and families. The sheer turbulence of it all can be overwhelming at times.

Here are five ways quiet spaces at work counter the open office madness.

Phone Calls Don’t Distract The Entire Team

The greatest amount of noise at any office traditionally comes from those who are working the phones trying to close that next big deal. In an open office, this noise ends up impacting everyone since there isn’t really any place to avoid it. It is not unusual for other employees to get frustrated by the continuous chatter.

Setting up a quiet space ensures there is always a place your employees can retreat to should the steady stream of phone calls become too much to bare. Alternatively, you can equip your office with a office phone booth that the sales team could use when making calls.

No More Forgetting Details

The open office doesn’t just make it difficult for employees to concentrate, the setup can make it harder for people to remember details, experts tell the BBC. Ultimately, open offices are a breeding ground for distractions which causes employees to lose focus and leads to them forgetting facts or details they would have retained in a quiet space.

Show Clients You Care

Regardless of if your clients are speaking to customer service, sales, accounting or any other department, they should be cared for professionally. There is nothing worse than an employee having to ask a client to repeat him or herself multiple times because they are having trouble hearing them over keyboard typing and other white noise.

It reflects poorly on your company and makes clients question whether they should continue working with your firm. By having a quiet space set up in your open office, you can guarantee employees are able to give clients their undivided attention.

Stop Small Meetings from Becoming Big Ones

The chaotic nature of the open office can best be found when two or three employees want to have a small chat about something they are working on. These small conversations end up engulfing multiple people, some of whom have no reason to be involved, simply because anyone within earshot can interject.

What could have been a brief conversation turns into an hour-long ordeal for no good reason apart from the fact the employees had no place to get away from the rest of the office.

Soundproof executive rooms  prevent the aforementioned situation from happening. These quiet rooms limit small meetings to only those who need to be involved. Those who don’t need to participate are not wasting time or resources joining in the discussion.

Reduce Office Tensions

A continued lack of privacy takes its toll on employees. Open offices can make your staff feel as if they don’t have control. This lack of control leads to them becoming stressed, anxious or depressed. It also creates tense situations where seemingly small issues blow up into large problems where an employee reaches his or her boiling point for what appears to be no reason at all.

Yet, in many cases the reason is actually the lack of a private area where small issues, such as a co-worker’s annoying habit, compounded over an extended period time before coming to a head.

In many cases, having a quiet space where employees can escape the open office madness deescalates these situations. The ability to have privacy and a place to collect their thoughts allows tensions to dissipate.

End The Madness

You may jump to the conclusion that it is time to ditch the open office and return to a more traditional setup either through renovation or moving. Both of these solutions are costly and can disrupt operations. It makes far more sense to install office phone booths or a soundproof executive room . These significantly reduce distractions and interruptions while helping your employees find some sanity in the open office madness.

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