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5 reasons why your online business is vulnerable to IT issues, and how to solve them



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5 reasons why your online business is vulnerable to IT issues, and how to solve them

Owning an online business can be amazing, but it’s not without risks. While you won’t have any shoplifters running into your store or struggle to find the money for rent payments, the dangers of cyber security threats, the complexity of IT, and the constant fear of your website crashing can cripple an online business before it even gets started.

Like all problems, however, there are measures you can take to ensure your online business is a success:

Cyber security threats

The scourge of the internet – a constant threat of malware and data hackers, hangs above online businesses like a dark cloud. Your data is precious, and one lost laptop or hacked email account can send your company into a negative spiral. This is why more and more businesses are using a cloud-based service. By storing your important data on a protected online server, you can better protect yourself from cyber threats and absent-minded employees who leave equipment lying around.

Downtime kills sales

Website down. These two words can lose you customers and credibility on the spot, and it can easily happen. The double-edged sword of a successful online business is the increased threat of traffic, causing a website crash.

Having an effective IT support team in place is crucial for getting your website back online and keeping it there.

IT experts are rarer now than ever

Talking of IT support teams, they’re pretty difficult to find. There has been a dearth of IT experts in business over the past few years, so finding someone you can trust is a challenge. This could cost you an awful lot in resources but also customer loyalty if their experience of your website is peppered with glitches, malware and breakdowns.

Thankfully, all hope is not lost. By outsourcing your online support to a company full of IT experts, you can safeguard against these issues. For example, Stronghold Services Corporation provides IT support services, depending on your business needs.

Settling refund disputes

Another way online businesses are vulnerable to internet-related issues is in dealing with refunds.

While not strictly reserved for online businesses, the problem is made worse by the lack of physical stores.

If a customer cannot try a pair of jeans on, hold a product in their hands or learn sufficient information from a helpful salesperson, they are more likely to order a product they are not happy with, and refund disputes can quickly break out.

If you handle them badly, they can easily tarnish your reputation. The best course of action is to offer a very clear and generous refund package, which has the double effect of solving the dispute and reassuring wavering customers about the validity of your products and services.

Your staff need to work

If your server is down, your staff can’t do their jobs. Unsurprisingly, this costs you money and lowers staff morale. By keeping a dedicated IT support team on stand-by and using cloud-based services, you can ensure your staff members can do their jobs effectively whenever, wherever, which is good news for your business, your employees and your customers.

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