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5 Reasons why Upgrading your Email Security is Important



5 Reasons why Upgrading your Email Security is Important

In today’s time there might be only few people who don’t have an Email of their own. And as we all know that Email are important enough to be kept secure because of the  information they keep in it  but only a few people are aware of increasing the security of their Email accounts.

People tend to keep office information, projects details assignment and even connect their Email to places where login should be done. For example people make their social accounts like Facebook and Twitter with the help of their Email and if the same Email gets hacked then they will lose the access to their social media accounts.

Need for increasing Email security:

There is a need to increase security of your Email because Email contains many of your work related data sometimes. If the Email you have gets hacked then you won’t be able to get access to your data and it might even get leaked. Thus everyone who owns an Email must increase the security of their Email

What can be done?

There are many ways to increase the security of your Email. Following can be done to do so.

  1. Changing password at regular intervals: Changing password at regular intervals helps quite a times. And thus it decreases the possibility of your Email account getting hacked
  2. Adding secondary Email: Most of the people are not aware that in your Email another Email account can be added as a recovery Email so that if you fail to log in into account you may recover your Email id with the help of recovery Email
  3. Adding your phone number: Sometimes people don’t have secondary Email thus they can use their mobile number as a means to recover their Email account. With the help of OTP and password reset link your email can easily be accessed again.
  4. Turning on 2 way security: Two way securities is one of the best options available to the users. Anyone who tries to login when the two ways security is on won’t be able to do so unless he has access to your mobile phone. To login you need to put a Onetime password i.e. OTP to login into the account.
  5. Keeping backup codes: This is a feature which produces a bunch of backup codes which cna be used to login in case anyone is not able to access the Email account. Just by putting the codes he can easily login to the Email account.

People should be aware of the data they might lose with their one step of carelessness. Anything electronic or anything present on a computer device can be hacked so one should always keep a backup of their files.

These were some tips to increase the security of your Email accounts. If you are also having some important data make sure you turn on the security and save yourself from getting your important information leaked or hacked. Thierry Levasseur Vancouver entrepreneur and innovator response has been to devise systems that improve the functionality and security of today’s e-mail communications. Thierry LeVasseur has focused a large part of his career on digital security, having secured several different patents in the areas of email security and data protection.

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