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5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns



5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

5 Great Examples of Creative Instagram Campaigns

The fame of Instagram has been swollen for past few years. The platform has shifted upward from being only a social network to one of the biggest social media network as well as the best prospect for the digital marketing. The firms have initiated combining the marketing at Instagram with the strategies of digital marketing as Instagram is the fruitful and efficient platform for marketing itself. – Creative Instagram Campaigns

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Starting the marketing campaigns on Instagram gathered the huge momentum during past several years as the companies used these campaigns for stimulating the integration, eventually causing the soaring profit. The user-generated content being the necessary tool for Instagram arsenal, the companies run the marketing campaigns for encouraging the UGC, making the growth higher.

Following are the top five great instances of the highly successful and Creative Instagram Campaigns.

  1. GoPro

GoPro got the engagement and followership doubled on Instagram, after running the series of the marketing campaigns on the platform. GoPro released the handy and very useful device which got promoted all across the globe while making the company a famous company worldwide. GoPro promoted its product, exhibiting the perspective which has never seen before.

The company started a series of the marketing campaigns on Instagram, focusing the expanding segments of the customers. Most of these campaigns include the content comprising of the motivational stories as well as active life experiences.

  1. Air Canada

Air Canada implemented a quite innovative concept of targeting the various sections of the consumers to boost their engagement on Instagram. Being the biggest airline of Canada, the company decided to use the tools of social media to focus the potential audience and to promote the loyalty of brand. They ran the campaign which was followed by the massive number of users along with the addition of two more destinations in the routes.

The campaign was made on the basis of the affiliating and sponsoring the marketing. The celebrities and influencers were given money for traveling to these two destinations while promoting the local culture, amazing scenery, and tourist destinations. The campaign by Air Canada was much successful because they got able to enhance the company’s promotion by linking the significance of culture with traveling.

  1. Adidas

The firm which is associated with the production of accessories for sports and sportswear got satisfied with its previous market share, but presently striving for getting neck-to-neck against its customary competitor Nike. Adidas has decided to use the social media platforms recently to get more exposure, for their shoe portfolios against with those of Nike’s. The two companies are the giant sportswear brands and facing each other for pursuing the target the sneaker heads.

Adidas referred to a snap chat profile for its customers in its recent post on Instagram. There are numerous Snapchat stories hid in the profile, and users get a chance to enter into a lucky draw by sending a text to company’s number for winning a pair of sneakers. The company could carry out the dual marketing by using the two platforms of social media; Instagram and Snapchat at the same time. Hence, they gain the huge engagement but also massive followers on both platforms, and also have got increased product sales.

  1. Apple

Being one of the best smartphone company, Apple decides to start an innovative marketing campaign on Instagram for promoting their recent products to increase the social awareness of the company. Apple included a team of photographers in their company for clicking the dim light photos of the iPhones. The focus of this campaign is to exhibit the dim light snapping features of the new version of iPhone. Apple also added the hashtag #shotoniphone in their posts, for encouraging the users who join the campaign.

  1. Marvel

Probably, the most fascinating and interesting campaign was the one founded by Marvel. This campaign was based on the recent movie named Captain America: Civil War. This was a unique idea which made use of the high professional and expert individuals.

Marvel build a team including the ten artists for graffiti, who did the painting scene of the movie, all across the building. They did a lot of efforts which were recorded in the form of a video that was uploaded on the Instagram. The campaigner remained successful and the company gained a lot of followers.


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