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5 Effective Ways to Shorten Your Commute to Work



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If you feel like your daily commute is simply too time-consuming and is a miserable experience, be sure that you are not alone. According to Business Insider, adding just 20 minutes of commuting time per day is just as depressing for most people as taking a 19% pay cut. 

So, know that your daily commute to work might affect your personal and professional well-being. The long daily commute can be stressful and it can affect your physical health in the long run. 

5 Effective Ways to Shorten Your Commute to Work

So, if you are looking for ways to shorten the length of your commute, this article is for you. Below, we will discuss several achievable tips to help you shorten and streamline your daily commute.

Avoid Rush Hours By Leaving Early

Leaving your house just a few minutes earlier might be effective in shortening your commuting time. 

If you leave your house during peak rush hours, this will mean more people and simply translate into longer commuting time. On the other hand, if you can avoid the peak rush hour even by a few minutes, it can significantly shorten your commute. 

If your office hour is later than most others (say, 11 a.m. ), then you can certainly leave after the peak hour. However, most of us don’t have that luxury, and so we can only opt to leave earlier than the peak hour.  

Leaving ten minutes earlier than the peak 7 a.m. traffic can allow you to avoid a large crowd of people, which can cut your commuting time significantly especially if you drive a car. Try to experiment with your routine: try going 10 minutes earlier, then 20 minutes earlier, then 5 minutes, and find the best possible results for your daily route. 

Electric Scooter to Work

There are few benefits of getting an electric scooter in Canada:

  • It is a one-off investment and you won’t need to pay for gas or fare tickets ever again
  • It’s faster than walking or riding a bike, but you still get the benefit of avoiding traffic during your commute. An electric scooter can have a top speed of 24 km/h (the legal limit in Canada), much faster than walking or riding a bike. 
  • In most locations where electric scooters are legal, you can use the electric scooter on the newly prepared bike zones and safe routes to work. Also, you can park your electric scooter in secured bike parking areas.
  • Of course, an e-scooter is environmentally friendly

Also, while every mode of transport has its own risk, an electric scooter is potentially safer than cycling or using hoverboards, since you can simply step off when there’s an imminent collision. 

Experiment With Different Routes

The thing is, we often stick to our habit even if it is ineffective. Once we find one commuting routine, it’s very rare for us to change it unless something extreme happens. However, just because we know one way to reach our place of work, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only way and/or the best way.

So, try taking different routes: if you drive a car, experiment between different roads, highways, and expressways. Nowadays, we can also use apps like Google Maps or Waze to find the best possible routes (although they aren’t always accurate, depending on your location). If you walk, cycle, or use an electric scooter, you can also experiment with different routes, as long as it’s legal. 

Also, if you live in a big city, you might have access to different buses, trains, subway routes, or ferry lines. You can experiment with all of them over the course of a month, and try to find the best possible one with the shortest commute. 

Work Longer Hours

If you have the flexibility to adjust your working hours, or if you are a freelancer/entrepreneur with your own schedule, then you can try working longer hours each day to avoid the stressful commute. 

For example, if you work four days a week for 10 hours each, you get three weekends instead of just two in your usual 9-to-5 routine (five 8-hour workdays). So, not only you’d avoid commute for an extra day per week, but you can potentially save 20% per year in commuting costs. 

There are many ways we can do this. For example, with our standard 40-hour workweek, commuting Monday to Friday and working for 8 hours per day can add up to 80 hours of work in a two-week period. 

However, by adding just one hour of work each day, we can bank 90 hours of work over a two-week period, and so we can take an extra day off in the second week. 


This is the last resort. If you can’t stand the commute in your city, then consider getting another job that is closer to home. Another alternative, if you love your job but hate your commute, is to move closer to your workplace. Of course, there’s also the option to move to a smaller city or another country altogether. 

This, however, is a relatively extreme solution, and you might want to consider the following before deciding on this option: 

  • Whether you currently rent your home or if you own a primary residence. If you own your property, selling can be very difficult at the moment, and the moving costs can be much more expensive than your commute. 
  • Consider whether you’ll benefit financially if you move closer to work. For example, consider whether living in the new location is actually cheaper. 
  • Factor in intangibles like whether you’d need to live further from work for personal reasons or for a family member. 

Final Words

Long daily commuting times can be very tiring and stressful and can affect your health and personal well-being. The five tips we have shared above are among the most actionable ways you can try to shorten your commute. However, our advice is not to be afraid to try and experiment with new things: new routes, new vehicles (we definitely recommend getting a new electric scooter now), and even probably move to a new location.

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