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5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers



5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers

5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers

5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers

5 Editing tips that help your blog post to get more readers

You write a blog post with lots of information. You think from your articles the readers will get their answers what they are looking for. But your hard work will not get value if readers will not read your blog post.

Everyday more than 1 million articles are published. So if you want to make your blog insanely readable you should focus on those which are overlooked by other.

Many bloggers publish the content on their blog without editing and proofreading. You need to concentrate on this field. By doing this your old blog post also comes with new design and information.

I will mention 4 editing tips that can help your blog post to get more readers

Use Online Tools for Rectify Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

You can get the spelling and grammatical error checker facility in your doc file. But sometimes we are confused to rectify grammatical mistakes. In this situation, online tools will help you. You can find so many tools online which can help you to correct the wrong spelling and wrong grammatical structure. Some tools provide browser extension. So you can that extension and use it when you edit the article online.

For example, I am using Grammarly for this. It’s really an amazing tool. I am using its premium version but you can use their free version also.

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Stay away from Using same words Frequently

It is really feeling bored if we read same words frequently in an article. So try to use a synonym of a word in the article. For this use can take help online. Some online tools can help you to see how many times you have used one word. I am using for counting word frequency and phrase frequency. I am also using for searching synonym.

Search Engines also help you if you don’t find proper a word to complete a phrase. Write the phrase in search engines’ search box within the double quote and put the asterisk (**) in the place where you write the unknown word. Click the Search Button. You can get the idea to complete the sentence.

Edit your old Published article

Many bloggers post one by one new article on their blogs. It is necessary to publish fresh content but it also needs to edit old content with a new information.

When we craft an article we can’t put all the information. But we must search more ideas on that topic continuously and add new information to the old article. For this reason, your previous blog post is kept fresh the readers go through your old content more than one time. It assists you to achieve better SEO Score.

Don’t edit or proofread your article immediately after writing

Most of the writer proofread the article after completing the writing. I suggest you not to do this. Draft the article and don’t read for sometimes. When you revise the article immediately after writing, you may not see the structural error.

Use Smiles or icon in the article

Maybe you do not support me, but I think using smiles or icons makes your content attractive and make it more readable. Even I also use these in my article. Express your feeling with smiles, or convey your message with icons these really a great idea to design your content with new look and your article will grab more readers attention.

Final Words

Proofread is the most important part of writing. You never skip this. It makes your content more perfect and insanely readable.:)





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