5 Best Puzzle Games on the Internet

5 Best Puzzle Games on the Internet

5 Best Puzzle Games on the Internet
5 Best Puzzle Games on the Internet

Puzzles help us to exercise various parts of the brain. They help us to keep our brain active. According to this article in Psychology Today, engaging in the puzzles like Sudoku and Crosswords slowed down brain cells degeneration in a man suffering from neurodegenerative disease. Apart from all the brain related benefits, solving puzzles are fun! It gives us a sense of kick and confidence us to use our brains more. Isn’t it? We’ve rounded up some of the best websites with full of puzzles, so you can just immediately jump into those awesome puzzles whenever you feel like sharpening your brain!

Jigsaw puzzles

JigSaw Puzzles are considered as complete brain exercise. You need to use both right and left hemispheres of the brain to solve a JIgsaw puzzle. They are an incredible coordination improvement and brain training tools. Of course, they are fun! They help you to improve your reasoning abilities, deduction, sequence, logical thoughts and other problem-solving skills. MacArthur Study clearly stated that mental activities like Jigsaw puzzles can considerably improve the quality of life and well being, improve the lifespan and also reduce the chances of memory loss and mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. is definitely the best website with tons of JigSaw puzzles. It takes years to complete all the puzzles on this wonderful website. If you love to compete, then you can try to solve the puzzles in as less time as possible. However, you can also disable the competitive mode if you are not interested in it.


Historians opine that Hangman was originated during the Victorian times. The instructions for Hangman are super simple. The first player gives the first letter and the last letter of the word and the second player must guess the in between letters. Though this sounds simple, the game quickly turns into the complex and a puzzling one. It’s one of the popular puzzle games and called with different names around the world. is one of the best sources to play Hangman online. It has a simple interface and got many sections related to Hangman like Extreme Hangman, Highscores Hangman, Classic Hangman etc. The games load super fast. Hangman lovers will surely fall in love with this website.


Sudoku is a popular game in most of the countries on the planet. We see these puzzles in new dailies and magazines. They are wonderful and many studies proved that they help to stimulate the human brain. Nothing engages brain intensely like a Sudoku puzzle. The most exciting part of Sudoku is they just have a single solution. Sudoku is not at all math. So, all those who are dull in math need not hesitate to play Sudoku. You just need to know the digits 1 to 10. Sudokus are awesome fun and you don’t solving them once you get the hang of it.

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One of the biggest puzzle games across the world. Microsoft has included this game in its Windows Operating System right from Windows 3 to Windows 10. There are no race cars, no guns, no bows and arrows in Solitaire. It’s just a card game. Oh boy! You are going to get addicted to it once you start playing it.

There are numerous websites on the internet for solitaire games. But we found the best among them. has thousands of solitaire games for you. It has got a wonderful interface and very minimal advertising. So you will not be annoyed with the stupid popups while you are playing a solitaire game.

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Mahjong is a tile game which has gained immense popularity since the beginning of 20th century. Mahjong was originated in China during the times of Qing dynasty. There are many different formats for playing Mahjong. But the most common format is playing with four players. Unlike Sudoku and Jigsaw puzzles, Mahjong is a multiplayer game. It’s the best way to have fun with your friends and family. It’s simple to play this game but it takes some brains to solve it. has got all kinds of Mahjong games. You can play Chinese Mahjong, Japanese Mahjong, Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Slide, Mahjong Titans and many more on this website.