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5 Best Online Games



5 Best Online Games

5 Best Online Games

5 Best Online Games

5 Best Online Games

The world of gaming is living a huge growth, thanks to new technologies and the incredible demand of players of all kinds. We witnessed the stunning success of games like Pokemon Go, which had over 5 million daily users, 65 million monthly active users. We saw incredibly long queues waiting for a new game to be released and networks of players spreading all over the world. But these games often cost a lot of money and they can be short and easy to solve, failing to reach the goal of entertaining the gamer.

That’s why players often choose online games and today we will make a short list of our favorites.

Game of bombs

We all remember this game, originally created as Bomberman for PlayStation. This one has a bonus so that the player doesn’t need knotted cables to keep playing. This game is addictive, visit the website and start bombing!


This is an incredible game, you’ll be amazed by this little robot who has to solve some interesting puzzles. Machinarium was developed by the Czech Amanita Design, which also created other point-and-click masterpieces such as Botanicula and Samorost. Check it out, you will be surprised!

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If you like war games, this is the right choice. You have to destroy other tanks while going through many turret upgrades and different scenarios. You can use several methods to kill your enemies, rail guns, freeze guns and other variants. You can move the turret while the tank is still, as for a real tank.

Penny Roulette

If you love to gamble and you want to try a roulette, Penny Roulette is what you’re looking for. You can play a demo or for real. As its name suggests, this roulette’s stakes start at just a penny and you can bet singles, split, corners, square and all the choices you would have in a real casino. The graphic is new and you can change the color of the table, the music, the perspective of the screen and even the direction of the wheel rotation.

A great classic game, you are a snake who has to eat to become longer and longer. You can’t touch the other snakes or you will die. The length of the snake gives you the score and you can change the color and style of your snake. It’s an easy game, but it’s very funny!

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Final Verdict

Here we have listed the top best 5 Online games which we found over the web, there were millions of online game which is impossible for a single person to play and review it, we have played handful games which are most famous and sorted out this best 5 online games list.


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