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4 Tips For Choosing The Right E-commerce Template For Your Online Store



4 Tips For Choosing The Right E-commerce Template For Your Online Store

4 Tips For Choosing The Right E-commerce Template For Your Online Store

Staring hopelessly at a collection of e-commerce templates, with no idea which one to choose? With thousands of available options to choose from, you’re not the only confused one.

Choosing the right e-commerce template for your e-commerce business is hardly easy. Website design is something that you cannot afford to compromise on, considering how crucial it is for an e-store.

Why We Choose E-commerce Templates

With so many free website templates on offer today, launching an online store is much easier. Not everyone can afford to hire web designers to design their sites. It’s for this reason that we prefer, online store builders like Shopify, who let you design your own store with pre-made eCommerce templates.

These store builders offer a collection of free and paid premium templates. Keep the following tips in mind to choose the right template:

Tip #1: Choosing The Right Website Template Design

The design of the template is the first thing you’ll need to consider. It’s just not about using a template that looks flashy and attractive, though. Consider the following factors to choose templates based on design:

  • Menu bar design
  • Content width design and
  • Home Page Header Layout

Menu Bar Design of E-Commerce Template

The menu bar plays an important role, contrary to popular opinion. It is the primary tool that your customers use to navigate and find things in your store. Keep it simple, and make sure it creates a roadmap of your site to guide customers.

Content Width Design

A box-width content area is ideal for e-commerce and business-related stories. A full-width content area, on the other hand, works better for creative stores.

When you opt for box-width content, you choose a fixed area for displaying your content. The position of contents on display remains the same across different devices. It ensures a consistent content display, ideal for details like product descriptions.

Home Page Header Layout

The home page header is the section on top of your website home page. It’s often the first thing your visitors see when they visit your website. Your header can contain static images, have slideshows, or you can even have a video. What you choose is a business strategy decision.

The header should be able to create awareness about your store and its products, and not just look nice. Here are the best options you have:

  • A static image with a line explaining what you sell is a great option for you if you’re selling only a few products. A header (explaining what you sell), a supporting image, and a call to action are what you can have as your header.
  • If you’re a selling many products or cater to a variety of customers, you can consider a slideshow like Myntra has.
4 Tips For Choosing The Right E-commerce Template For Your Online Store

4 Tips For Choosing The Right E-commerce Template For Your Online Store

Myntra has a number of immersive carousels on their site

  • Having a video as a home page header is a great way to grab your customer’s attention. Make sure to include a high-quality and short video.

Tip #2: Paying Attention To The Features

A great design will be of no use if your e-commerce store lacks the necessary features.

A great way to know what features your website needs is checking out your competition’s websites. Build up on what competitors in your niche offer, and use your own understanding of the business to create something unique. Make sure to build a store that offers a satisfying shopping experience for your customers. Some of the features that your store should have are:

  • New product launches
  • Popular products
  • Store finder
  • Gift cards
  • News section
  • Exclusive offers
  • Discounts and sales

Tip #3: Flexibility And Customization Options

A good website template should come with easy customization options. Many free e-commerce templates offer easy customization but are poorly coded. So, that’s one thing that you need keep in mind.

It’s important that you have a website that doesn’t look like another website selling the same kind of products. Technical flexibility and ease of customization will ensure that you have a unique website.

Tip #4: Make Sure The Template Is Responsive

Unresponsive websites are slowly getting obsolete. Most users browse the Internet on their smartphones. Unless you have a responsive website, you’ll run the risk of losing out on customers.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is social integration. The template your choose should integrate easily with social media platforms.

Do some research online, and look up all the available options. There’s no need to hurry, as you need a bit of time to make the right choice. Make sure you keep the big picture in mind—scalability is another important factor when you choose your e-commerce website templates. With these 4 tips, you should be able to make a great choice.

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