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4 Corporate Activities To Try For Your Next Company Event



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4 Corporate Activities To Try For Your Next Company Event

Planning fun and engaging corporate events can be challenging, especially if you have to consider a particular professional image all the time. It would be hard to hype the event to make the attendees excited while staying true to the company’s image. If your boss gives you the task of organizing the company’s next event, you must ensure that everyone will enjoy the activities. At the same time, ensure that all the activities included in your corporate event will keep up the values and traditions of this company. Here are several fun corporate activity ideas that you can try for your next company event.

Charitable Group Activities

If your company includes charity in your core values, staging a philanthropic team activity could be a good idea. Having a group volunteering activity will let everyone in this company help others and make a positive impact in the community. It will also foster a stronger bond within the team outside of work. Also, a previous report claimed that regular charitable works under the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) could help boost your team’s respect for the company and its leadership.

Themed Costume Parties

Some companies require their staff to wear uniforms to symbolize their corporate identity. However, wearing the same set of attire every day can get boring. You can uplift the spirits of your colleagues by asking them to comply with fun dress codes once in a while. For example, ask them to come to work in their pajamas or their favorite sportswear. You can also give a reward to the person who made the most creative interpretation of the theme.

Dinner Around The World

If your company wants to treat all its employees to a nice meal or a dinner party for a job well done, you can suggest to twist it by staging a “Dine Around the World” activity. This event will allow everyone to experience some of the famous culinary delights from different parts of the globe. It should include traditional dishes like India’s curries, Japanese rolls and sashimi, French pastries, and Italian pasta meals. It would be the perfect event for companies that operate globally, so everyone in the corporate office will get to taste the staple food from countries where this company exists.

Customized Escape Rooms

One of the latest trends in team buildings is “Escape Rooms.” It allows team members to strategize and find a way out of the room within a specific timeframe. While these activities are fun, some team members may find it inconvenient to go all the way to an escape room venue. You can solve this problem by creating your escape room in one of the vacant areas in your office.

Decorate the room with your theme in mind, and come up with different challenges so as to encourage everyone to work collaboratively to finish the activity. Aside from the convenience of staging this event in the office, it will also help you save a significant amount of money that you can spend for more food and bigger cash prizes.

These are some of the brilliant corporate events that you can think of for your next company activity. All these will help remind the entire staff about the core values of the company, while also having fun with the team.



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