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3 New Trends in Crypto to Watch Out For



3 New Trends in Crypto to Watch Out For

Investors and financial regulators continue to fret over the rapid fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies, and whether Bitcoin or Ethereum makes for a solid long-term investment.

The reality of cryptocurrency is that it remains a risky investment, according to many experts, but what is undeniable is that entrepreneurs and scientists continue to find innovative uses for blockchain technology.

Many thinkers at the intersection of culture and technology are finding uses for blockchain that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

Here are a few of the most inventive trends within the blockchain industry.

Efficient Vaccine Tracking and Distribution:

There’s a justified interest in finding the most efficient way to distribute vaccines for the coronavirus. Even a slight improvement in the efficiency of the vaccine rollout could literally save lives — and some hospitals are using blockchain to do it.

Reuters reported back in January 2021 that two hospitals in England began using blockchain technology to assist in tracking the storage and supply of COVID-19 vaccines. According to Reuters, it’s one of the first projects of its kind in the world.

Using a distributed ledger, which is a form of blockchain using independent computers, the hospital staff is able to “share and synchronize data in electronic ledgers in real time,” Reuters wrote.

With the blockchain technology, hospital staff said that it is much easier to follow vaccine shipments from “from factory freezer to shots in the arm.”

A New Future for Movies and Streaming:

On the popular culture side of things, many people have now heard of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, and its potentially huge impact on the online marketplace for artists, especially visual artists and musicians.

But some blockchain believers are trying to use the technology for film as well.

One of the latest startups to try and build on the crypto craze is Mogul Productions, which wants to bring film lovers into the world of movie financing through the use of DeFi, or decentralized financing, and NFTs.

According to a review on Smartereum, “Mogul Productions claims to offer a new form of financing for feature-length films. It’s a community approach that wants to bring together fans, aspiring creators, and experienced industry professionals to create an entirely new way of funding movies.”

Mogul Productions was also featured in an article in Forbes titled “Are Movies And Streaming The Next Frontier For NFTs?” . It’s fascinating to think about films funded through a fan base using cryptocurrencies.

A Way of Helping Those in Need:

A recent story from CoinDesk illustrated the power of cryptocurrencies to help those in need — in this case Cubans struggling with a health care system overwhelmed by the coronavirus.

Facing a lack of vaccines and a populace exhausted by over a year of quarantine measures, Latin America continues to face high case counts and deaths associated with the pandemic.

After protests in both Brazil and Colombia for several months, the public outrage came to Cuba, which also has seen a resurgence of the virus. That’s when local entrepreneur Thais Liset decided that the easiest way to address the lack of food and medical supplies was to get donations directly to Cubans.

And the easiest way to do that, she decided, was through blockchain. She got help from Cuban YouTuber Frank el Makina and Erich García Cruz, one of the top Cuban crypto influencers.

García Cruz told CoinDesk that they’ve only raised $2,000 so far, but hopes the program will start to attract donations from more Cubans living abroad.

In reality, the trends of blockchain are numerous and varied. A report from Data Center Dynamics said that US power company Talen Energy plans to build a crypto mining facility and data center powered by nuclear Susquehanna Steam Electric Station in Pennsylvania.

Some companies are willing to use nuclear power just to mine Bitcoins. Who can say how many more blockchain innovations we’ll see in the near future?

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