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15 best tech gifts for 2019



15 best tech gifts for 2019

15 best tech gifts for 2019

best tech gifts

The technology advances with the time and there is no better gift than making someone busy life easier by gifting them a tech gift. This new year’s gift someone a gadget which will make their work easier and thus, prove to be useful for a long period of time. Since there are continuous advancements in the technology, you should choose the gift carefully. It should not be too outdated and not extremely device specific, that is, if you do not know what kind of a complementary device they are using. Here is a list of tech gifts which you can give in 2019.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

Working out and measuring the activities of your body is a good way to judge if you are healthy. The fitness trackers are generally worn on the wrists and they are paired with the smartphones in order to have detailed data which is collected by the tracker. The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker helps in tracking the vitals such as steps walked and climbed, active minutes, the amount of sleep you are taking and it will also help you receive texts and calls.

New Echo Show

This is an advanced version of Alexa. Echo Dot was introduced by Amazon as a virtual assistant that could play music, control TV, home lighting, read books and news and other tasks which were automated and synced. Now, the 2nd Generation of Echo Show not only plays the sounds but it can also show you what you want. With the Dashlane Coupons you can avail more discount on the price .You can watch the news, see music videos and watch movies at your will. It can also be used as a computer.

Echo Plus

Alexa which is a rival introduced against Siri has started to gain popularity. Echo Plus and Echo Dot are two variants which are available in the market with different features of their own. The Echo Dot is the smaller version and the Echo Plus is the larger version. It is a voice controlled virtual assistant which can be used to listen to the news, podcasts, music and other services such as control the lighting, TV, etc.

VicTsing Shower Speaker

If you are looking for a gift for a person who is a beach lover or loves to listen to the songs in the shower, this could prove to be the most essential gift they could be given. The Shower Speaker can is water resistant and can be put anywhere in the bathroom. The music chip is placed in such a way that it is not affected by the water on the speaker, and thus, can be played anytime and anywhere they want.

TP-Link Wi-Fi Range Extender

You might have heard about the problems such as the Wi-Fi signals not reaching the bedroom or a particular section of the house. The range extender does the job to make sure that the person receives the signal in all the rooms and the parts of the house. The TP-Link Range Extender is compatible with most routers and has easy installation. It can extend the range up to 10,000 square feet.

Beats Solo 3

Nothing compares to a gift such as Beats Solo 3 wireless music headphones. The headphones are trendy with their sleek look and the wireless access. The ear pads are comfortable, prevents sweating of the ears even after prolonged use. The sound system is designed in such a way that cancels the outside noise and gives the best quality of music.


Tile-Mate comes in handy when you are in a hurry and you cannot find your smartphone which is on the silent mode or the car keys which you may have dropped somewhere in the house. You can use the Tile Mate as the key ring and use your phone to locate the keys by ringing the Tile Mate. You can put the Tile Mate on your phone and through the main Tile, double-click the button to make your phone ring.

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is a real solution to the hassle of having multiple streaming accounts and switching between the apps. The Roku Streaming Stick will help you to stream your favorite shows from Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

Bose SoundLink Portable Wireless Speaker

This is a water-resistant wireless speaker which means, you can take it pretty much everywhere you want. The portable speaker from Bose has clear sound and lasts for a long time before the need of being charged. The speaker comes with a rechargeable battery which can last for up to 12 hours.

Acer Chromebook R11

This is a convertible laptop or a 2-in-1 laptop which can also work as a tablet if you do not have space to put the whole laptop. This device works on the Chrome OS which is compatible with the software such as Microsoft Office and other essential software making our daily life easier.

Leather Tassel Lightning Charging Cable

The tech accessories with a touch of leather, nothing can go bad with that. The lightning charger helps the phone to charge quickly and last longer compared to the conventional chargers. The leather tassel makes the charger look trendy.

The Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa

The Amazon Fire Stick is the best gift for the people who love to binge watch the shows on the weekends or after the long day at work. The Fire TV Stick $k can help you stream over 5 lakh shows from leading streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

Nest Cam Security Camera

Do you want to keep a watch over your apartment while you are away for work or maybe just want to talk to your pets when you are not with them? The Nest Cam Security Camera is the best option. The alarm sound will go off in case of any motion in the house and you will be notified. It also has a speaker which will help you talk to your pets in case they are in trouble. The camera allows you to see in the dark too.

iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner

If you are looking for a gift for someone who has a busy schedule or is too lazy to clean the house, the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner is just the perfect option. It is a remotely controlled vacuum cleaner which can be used by sitting at one place. It can go under the couches and the beds saving the trouble of moving them before cleaning.

Google Home

Google Home is another voice-controlled virtual assistant. It has been launched in the competition to the Amazon Echo. With the fine quality of sound and the portability, it can be handy and can be used to listen to the news, music, podcasts and other daily activities.

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