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How Businesses Can Benefit from a Toll Free Number



toll free number for business

148530 toll free number for business

When most people think of toll free numbers, they think of the infomercials that they see on TV. While you may consider toll free numbers to be old-fashioned, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In today’s business environment, the easier you can make it for someone to reach you, the better chances you have of securing a new deal, or retaining an existing customer. Before we get into the benefits of having a toll free number, let’s make sure we are on the same page about what a toll free number actually is.

According to the FCC, a toll free number is a telephone number with a distinct three digit code that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the call. These sorts of numbers are very commonly used for customer-service type calling.

Having a number that is free to call for the customer helps to eliminate one of the barriers that may exist that stand in the way of your customers reaching out. Next, let’s get into the five most beneficial reasons to have a toll free number.

Better Customer Service

The simple fact of having a toll free number for business shows your customers that you take customer service seriously. If your business doesn’t have a toll free number listed for customers to call, they may immediately size you up as being small, or may make the judgment call that you don’t prioritize customer service at your company.

Having a toll free number can help you to address customer concerns faster which will enable you to keep higher retention rates when it comes to return business.

First Impression

One of the big factors in being successful in business is by putting out the right image that resonates with your customers. This is something that marketers get paid a lot of money to do in order to create the right combination of trust and emotion to get your customers to pull the trigger.

Purchasing a ninja number is easy and is something that doesn’t require a highly-paid marketing manager to do. The simple fact of having a toll free number puts out a certain image of professionalism and size that any business would be happy to project to their customers. In a market that is highly competitive, the simple fact of having a toll free number may make the difference when it comes to outperforming your competition.

Boost Marketing Efforts

Let’s face it, numbers and websites are hard enough to remember, but toll free numbers are much easier to remember than a local number. Having a toll free number can make it easier for your marketing team to create a catchy jingle or market your products in a clever way with an easy to remember toll free number for your business.

Many of us can remember catchy songs and jingles, which in turn help us to remember the phone number of a business. As it’s often said, the easier it is to remember, the better!

Prepare for Growth

Many businesses don’t realize that one of the main benefits to a toll free number is that you can flexibly map up to 20 numbers or more behind a toll free number. This mapping allows you to route calls to the right person with ease, but you can do that with only one toll free number.

The simplicity of number mapping behind a toll free number makes sure that your messaging to your customers is simplified by giving them only one number to dial and remember. The fact that you can map numbers allows your business the flexibility to grow and scale without having to change or add more toll free numbers down the road.

Not only can you map numbers from your business behind a toll free number, but you can also map international numbers as well. For example, if you have a call center in India handling your customer service, mapping that behind a toll free number is a strategy that many businesses use.

Cost Savings

Nothing is more frustrating than having to decipher through a list of numbers on a company directory to find who it is you want to talk to. Having a toll free number for your business can eliminate the needs of having many public facing numbers which ends up saving you time and money, and makes your customers happier.

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