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10 Tools and Apps for Work from Home



10 Tools and Apps for Work from Home

Companies small and large, start-ups as well as individuals have come increasingly aware about the need to work from remote locations rather than from an office. This has become necessary due to billions of man-hours going waste every year on long commutes between home and workplace. Prolonged commutes are notorious for detrimental effects they have on staff or business productivity.

Current scenario

Thanks to advances in Internet technology and widespread availability of free and paid applications, working from home is fast gaining momentum worldwide. Further, smart-phones are becoming cheaper by the day, with manufacturers churning newer handsets alarming alacrity.


Hence, working from home and other remote locations with smart phones is also becoming very common.

Working from home is not just limited to Employees but for Women Entrepreneurs who are handling their family and career together, working from home is no lesser than any boon. With all these favorable conditions growing around, many opt to do work from home jobs as it requires low investment and saves a lot of energy and time.

This in return has created a demand for various tools, apps and software that make working from home more productive and efficient.

Best apps and tools

Regardless, hundreds of very useful apps are now available for your computer, Android-based smart-phone or the chic iPhone. Here we list 10 most popular apps and tools that can help you work from home.

Regardless of whether you work for a company, own a start-up or run a small home-based business, these apps can help boost both- productivity and profits.

Group communication

Indubitably, communications forms the most vital component of any job and business. Here, we recommend Workplace by Facebook, which is rather simple to use and does not consume much space on your computer or smart-phone memory.

Workplace by Facebook is a fairly new entrant into the market but its popularity outstrips most other contenders in the category. Workplace by Facebook is a great team collaboration platform. It allows team members the facilities of messaging, voice and video calling, and newsfeed features.

Project and team management

Should you be an individual planning to launch a start-up, have a small business of team member of a large company, project management is an essential function. For this purpose, we recommend Asana.

You can use Asana from your computer as well as smart-phone. Since its launch in 2011, Asana continues to retain its topmost position among project and team management software and app. Asana enables every work team to create their own workspaces, that contains projects and its related tasks.

Connected and authorized users can post their comments and observations about these tasks as well as modify work or technical patterns, wherever necessary. All users of Asana can track real-time progress of their project.

Cloud storage

Small and large companies, start-ups and home-based businesses are increasingly susceptible to cyber attacks with ransom-ware. Additionally, computers and smart phones where you store data can also malfunction due to a plethora of reasons.

In such circumstances, it is best to back-up your data and important files. You may also need to share files with your teammates or business associates and service providers. For this purpose, we highly recommend Google Drive.


Cloud storage

All you need to log-in to Google Drive is a valid Gmail ID. Google Drive generally offers 2GB free space that can be expanded to 5GB later. Google Drive cloud storage allows you to safely share files including word documents, designs, images, audio and video, spreadsheets and other data with other authorized users.

Design and development

For those working in the IT sector, sharing codes for Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript with your team members, customers, reviewers and experts is very essential as well as desirable.

Mainly, because they can review your design and development, offer necessary feedback and help you amend the codes you have developed. This facility is essential, particularly for home-businesses and start-ups in the IT sector.

You can share your design and development codes safely through GitHub. Topmost software and app reviewers of the world term GitHub as the ‘Ultimate Tool’ for developers and code writers to host their designs and developments online. It is also the best known tool for users to share information online with potential clients and remote workers.

Time saving

Generally, people working from remote locations, owning a start-up or a home based business are not bound by conventional office hours. Meaning, they can work during hours they find convenient.

Unfortunately, this freedom has its flipside too: You can end up wasting lot of otherwise productive hours on fruitless pursuits.

RescueTime actually rescues you from wasting your time, money and effort on unproductive ventures. RescueTime can be installed on your computer or Android-powered smart phone. Unfortunately, RescueTime is unavailable currently for iPhone.

This software helps you keep tabs on the amount of time you spend on each website or app. It also recommends how and where you have wasted time and areas where you could have better spent your time on a particular task.

This helps in optimal use of time online by helping you curb visits or hours spent on futile work. Hence, RescueTime helps in greatly enhancing your productivity.

Best work location

Freedom to work from remote locations or having your own business often tempts people to attend to other unrelated, personal tasks. This can be either in the place of your residence or some other distant location. Understandably, Internet connection and speed tends to vary at every place.

Tardy or unreliable Internet connectivity means, you will be unable to complete a given task or respond to problems within a specified deadline. You therefore will need to operate from places that offer excellent, reliable and high-speed Internet connectivity.

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You can easily find such locations with WorkFrom. User-friendly WorkFrom operates on your computer and mobile. It helps find the nearest and best location from where you can access WiFi networks that offer best connectivity. This app is especially useful for people on the move or if you are on a holiday away from your hometown.

Feedback and suggestions

Require feedback and suggestions from your team, business associates or clients? Doodle ranks as the best software and app for this purpose. You can do a lot of stuff with Doodle.

One of them is posting your works on this web and smart-phone based platform for easy access by your target audience. Doodle alerts other connected and authorized users about your post. Once feedback and suggestions from concerned entities are posted, you also receive alerts.

This helps you make any corrections and amendments to your work. Further, Doodle enables you to receive vital feedback from customers of potential clients as well as their suggestions.

Online marketing

Every business, small and large, requires aggressive marketing of its products and services. Moreover, if you are working from a remote location or own a business, you will require excellent marketing software and app.

In this category, the clear winner is SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. SAP Hybris offers you the full suite of customer engagement and multichannel e-commerce solutions. It helps you market products and services Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C).

Currently, a variety of small and large companies engaged in the financial sector, telecom, manufacture and marketing are using SAP Hybris solutions. They rank as the best for online marketing, since they are customer centric.


Obviously, working from home for a company or your own venture requires high quality financial management. You can get several web-based software and mobile apps for accounting. One such popular software and app is Yodlee MoneyCenter.

Available for personal account keeping, Yodlee allows you to maintain a detailed list of all your transactions. It also gives you a user-friendly analysis of your expenses. Additionally, you are alerted about any withdrawals and high value transactions that are recorded from your bank and credit card accounts.

With Yodlee MoneyCenter, you can also set up your own budgets by stipulating a fixed sum for any particular expense such as food, utilities, telephone, travel and entertainment. Hence, you are warned about where you can cut costs.

To use Yodlee MoneyCenter, you need to link the software or app with your main bank and credit card accounts. This helps access your financial data. However, you need to maintain a very high level password protection and ensure your mobile handset containing the app is not lost, for additional security.

Online interviews and tests

Working at remote locations or from home often entails interviewing jobseekers or conducting online tests to determine their eligibility. In this category, the time tested and proven software and app remains Skype.

Through Skype, you can conduct an online, video interview with a jobseeker. Video interviews through Skype can also be conducted simultaneously by several interviewers located in different parts of the world. This facility helps interviewers gauge the body language of the job seeker.


Online interviews and tests

Additionally, you can administer eligibility tests through Skype by sending test material such as Microsoft Word document, pictures and video or other data. Skype also allows you to monitor time taken by a candidate to complete the test.

Final Verdict

We are all well aware of the stiff competition that prevails between software and app makers worldwide. Understandable, since everyone wants to excel in their specific sphere. Before you select any software or app, we recommend you read user reviews on some of the top and reliable websites operating in this sector: You may come across a tool or app that better suits your requirements than the ones we list.

Remember, some apps and tools are free while others are available at a price. Try some of the software and apps that are available on free trial for a week, fortnight or a month. Understandably, they may lack some features of the paid versions. However, they will give you a better understanding about how they operate and ease of use, among others.

Since working from home invariably involves finances, it is better to protect your device- computer or smart phone with proper anti-virus and anti-spyware/ hacking software. Unprotected computers can cause leaks of sensitive data related to your work or result in financial losses.


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What Is Microsoft Azure?



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Why Azure is the Ideal Choice

Productive: Allows faster delivery of features with over a 100 end-to-end services. This will also minimize marketing cycles.

Hybrid: The ability to create and deliver when and where you desire with the most reliable hybrid cloud available. Azure can be extended on site with Azure Stack.

Intelligent: Develop extremely smart applications with powerful data and contrived knowledgeable services.

Trusted: The majority of Fortune 500 companies, governments, and small businesses utilize the Microsoft Cloud.

Solutions that Work

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  • Retail: Give personalized, continuous, and unique experiences.
  • Financial Services: Improve customer service, liberate employees, and improve risk management.
  • Manufacturing: Quick response to consumer feedback, and market shifts.
  • Government: Create fortified solutions to improve the protection of citizens.

Benefits of This Cloud Service

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  2. Increased Agility: Companies using this cloud have quicker development cycles. In other words, when companies develop their applications, they get improved feedback and become more frequentative. This will allow businesses to evaluate the results of technologies in a way that will fulfill business objectives. From a financial viewpoint, these object cycles permit measured acceptability without costly outlay or establishing a complicated infrastructure.
  3. Global Reach: Some clients have a need to deliver their data functions on the global stage. This can be difficult to achieve if they rely on private data centers. This cloud has the benefit of being able to dynamically adapt as required. This minimizes the need for a team of engineers to monitor certain behaviors and allows them to focus on more important things. From a user’s viewpoint, they continually get an excellent experience without being dependent on a specific location.
  4. Integrated Environment: One of the biggest advantages is having the leading development environment integrated into the cloud. This tremendously reduces the typical learning curve of the new platform. There are two main benefits to this: Prevention of mismatched skills and teams can deploy faster and do more on-the-job training. This demonstrates the ability and priority of the cloud to adapt to the needs of architects. From a general perspective, these are the people that benefit the most on a daily basis.
  5. Disaster Recovery: This cloud gives careful consideration to disaster recovery solutions to handle organizational concerns and requirements. This cloud handles disaster recovery in the following three ways: Rolling reboot options, hot and cold standby models, and regional and global fail options.

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Key To Organization With DocManager Document Management



Key To Organization With DocManager Document Management

Never knowing how your business will succeed and grow makes planning for the future hard if best and most often impossible, but with the help of DocManager Document Management at least it makes it organized. Searching for the right document or the right organizational system can be a daunting task and will lose you important clients, time and money if you are not extremely careful. Having the right product like DocManager Document Management keeps you certain of your business plan and always up to date with your software. DocManager Document Management creates a work flow that is easy to follow.

DocManager Document Management is not just a document storing house, it actually helps you with user friendly portals to see your entire business at a glance. It is so very important that you use every aspect that DocManager Document Management offers in their system to keep your business running smoothly.

Take for instance the basics of Document management software. This self-explanatory help defines where your documents are and where they should be for ease of access. You will never again spend countless hours looking for a document to track your work. The templates are made to create a logical way to get to your document.

Adding to the DocManager Document Management you will also receive management of other files such as records, knowledge and web content for you company. The sometimes diverse yet combined areas in your business need to be organized and collaborated to achieve the maximum output. Your business process is not complete without DocManager Document Management at the centre of your company.

The integration of your documents, your departments, records, internet information is imperative to getting an organized company into lucrative standing. If you have heard the saying, lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part, you know what it means to be organized.

It is amazing how fast a company can crumble under the weight of disorganization. Once a process is set in place with DocManager Document Management it is hard if not close to impossible to file your much needed documents anywhere but in the right place. The guided tours and help features will clue in any employee or any customer to your skill at organization. Never again will you have a lack of planning excuse because every template will be at your fingertips to start the next work process and make your company flow in the over all company business plan.

A great place to start if you happen to be a smaller company with some great long term and larger potential is with the Docmanager Document Management system. Their years of experience and fine tuning their applications make it a great place to get organized and then stay organize as your company demands change.

As you start out you may not realize that soon you may be running out of the essentials that keep your business running. Docmanager Document Management has the tools to support you when you run out of your own storage space. Document management system If you are noticing that you are losing time trying to locate documents that were recently created but are now no where to be found. Your customers are losing faith because they are waiting too long on responses. Now that your company is growing you need to expand your office and Docmanager Document Management can help you organize your off-site computers and be able to access the main computers at any time. What about different departments following different rules for filing? Docmanager Document Management helps protect the basics of all these business practices and keeps you running smoothly.

Docmanager Document Management helps you keep compliant with rules and regulations as they pertain to your business and your filing systems. As you grow, your company may be heading for a direction that users of Docmanager Document Management could never go, an illegal one. Make sure that you are managed correctly and your systems are running in accordance to the rules and changes in the Data Protection Act. Docmanager Document Management is an essential tool for this legal function alone.

If you pride yourself with the great organization that your small company has and are set for it to expand then you are in a league of your own. Most companies spend a great deal of money and lose revenue by the billions in search of material.

With that in mind with losing priceless amounts of time and energy searching for your documents, Docmanager Document Management has a few tools that can save you time and money. If you are interested in the Docmanager Document Management system then try requesting a quote, booking a demonstration or even calculate your savings before you spend a dime.

A company like Docmanager Document Management that gives you advice before you invest with them is a great way to earn trust in a system.


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5 Best Music Playing Apps for Android and iOS



5 Best Music Playing Apps for Android and iOS

5 Best Music Playing Apps for Android and iOS

Music is something that we all love. And in this growing world of technology listening to music has become easier than ever. Back in the days, we had to download a song to listen to it. But now as different apps came under to light listening to a track is as easy as sending a text to someone.

So in case if you are in search of some of the best music playing apps. Then we are here to help you out. To make your music listening experience even better, we have handpicked some of the top apps available for Android and iOS.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

5 Best Music Playing Apps for Android and iOS


First of all, on our list, we have the Spotify. Spotify is one of the best music playing apps available for the Android and iPhones. It is a free music listening service currently available in a few regions only. On Spotify, you will find all type of music and top artists. As well as it comes with a paid subscription.

Spotify free version and Spotify premium version has a lot of difference in features. But in case if you want to taste the premium features free, then do check out Spotify Hacked APK. (Available for Android).

Prime Music

Prime music is another music playing apps out there available for Android and iOS users. The service was recently launched by e-commerce giant Amazon. Prime music has a wide range of music collection coming from different regions. It also has a great user interface and comes with the Alexa, voice assistant.

Also, the best part of the Prime music is that it does not come with any additional price tag. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, then you will be able to enjoy Amazon prime shopping, Prime video, and prime music altogether.


Saavn is an Indian company that offers Indian music as well as international music to its users. The app is available in both free and paid subscription, and there are not so much features different between both of them. The subscription of the app is also quite cheap. It comes with a great user interface too, so make sure to check out the app.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the most common apps that we all Android users have installed on our phone. With Google Play Music you will be able to listen to all type of music and music across the globe. The app also lets you download your favourite music. The app also has a radio feature specially made for your music preference. However, it is not free.

Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the best music players apps out there. The app has almost every song, and you can listen to them for a monthly or yearly subscription. The app has an easy to use interface and offers you best quality music. Apple music lets you will be able to save your favorite songs offline. Also there is a trial period of 3 months.

So these are some of the best music playing apps available out there. Now go ahead and have a look at them and see which one is working the best for you.

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