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Hostbuddy : Hostbuddy Hosting 5 Month Review

Hostbuddy : Hostbuddy Hosting 5 Month Review

Hostbuddy Hostbuddy Hosting 5 Month Review
Hostbuddy Hostbuddy Hosting 5 Month Review

Today i am going to give the  Hostbuddy Hosting 5 Month Review which i used on my Website TeckFly,I found the Online Chat Customer Service Extremely Good and Responsive they help me a lot in many solution, in my 5 Month Website, my 2 month was Trial Period of the Hosting, i found this hosting Good and Cheap  comparing with the Plans which they are giving and thereby no increment in the money like Godaddy which give Hosting at Cheap Price then hike up the hosting price in next year.

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In these 3 Months of Paid Hosting i found that my website got several time down and after submitting a ticket it was up again in 1 hours Website get down nearby 30 times in this 3 month but 23 times was my fault i done stupidity and Mis Configured the CDN settings and some plugins in my website but only 8 times was server side problem and it was fixed less than 1 hr after submiting a ticket,the 2 month which i used free hosting was much good then i expected.

Things which i liked in this hosting

  1. Cpanel was different than other hosting and very User Friendly.
  2. WordPress LockDown Feature, i found this feature very useful to prevent changes and prevent many Changes after hacking the wordpress site.
  3. Free CDN ready.
  4. ASP.Net and PHP application together in one hosting.
  5. Website Security Scan – To scan Malware in your hosting and which automatic removes Malware when scanned.

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Things which i Don’t liked in this hosting – Less number of File Count allocated to the user,my file count always get increased and again and again i have to delete file.

So if someone ask me too give Stars to if from 5 i will give 3 stars to it

  • Star 1 reason – It is cheap and does not hike price in next year.
  • Star 2 reason – Free CDN, WordPress LockDown, Website Security Scan and many more features.
  • Star 3 reason – Have Asp.Net and PHP both application in the same hosting plan.

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This hosting has to increase File count for every Plan and by all means the hosting is good for bloggers.



  1. Hello Praneet,

    Which Blog hosting is suitable for huge traffic, my blog traffic is improving day by day. can you give me some suggestion for a hosting that support huge traffic without giving any limitation. yes but please suggest me any affordable package or plan, i can’t affordab VPS or Dedicated Server.

    1. Author

      Can you tell your Budget, and which Geo-Location you want to target people
      My Recommendation if you want to Target
      India Go For Royal Cloud’s you can see Our Affiliate Link in Side Wide area it is cheap and have excellent service.
      If USA go for Hostbuddy but it’s price is high than Royal Cloud’s but affordable if you want to buy from our Affiliate link, you can get the link from the post.
      Happy 2 Help!

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